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Full Coverage Aesthetic Restoration of Anterior Primary Teeth

Steven Schwartz, DDS

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Composite strip crowns are composite filled celluloid crowns forms.  They have become a popular method of restoring primary anterior teeth because they provide superior aesthetics as compared to other forms of anterior tooth coverage.  Composite strip crowns rely on dentin and enamel adhesion for retention.  Therefore the lack of tooth structure, the presence of moisture or hemorrhage contributes to compromised retention.  They are less resistant to wear and fracture more readily than other anterior full coverage restorations.  A 2002 study by Tate, et al., found that composite strip crowns had a failure rate of 51%, compared to an 8% failure rate of stainless steel crowns.4

With a cooperative patient, the time required for placement is comparable to that of a stainless steel crown and less than veneered and zirconia crowns.


  • It provides superior aesthetics.

  • The cost of materials are reasonable (approximately $6/crown).

  • The time for placement is reasonable.


  • It is extremely technique sensitive.

  • It is not as durable or retentive as stainless steel/open faced crowns, pre-veneered crowns or zirconia crowns and is not recommended on patients with a bruxism habit or a deep bite.

  • Adequate moisture control might be difficult on an uncooperative patient.

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