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Fabrication of Provisional Crowns and Bridges

Cynthia M. Cleveland, CDA; Angela D. Allen; Niki Henson, RDA, AS

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Abutment  a tooth, root, or implant used for the support or retention in a fixed removable prosthesis.

Acrylic – an organic resin from which various types of dental restorations, prostheses and appliances are constructed.

Bridge – a fixed prosthetic device consisting of artificial teeth (pontics) that are supported by attaching them to abutment teeth.

Buccal – of, or pertaining to, the cheek.

Contact – the point on the proximal surface of a tooth where it touches a neighboring tooth.

Contour – the shape, form or surface configuration of an object.

Copolymers – two or more different monomers.

Crown, clinical – the portion of the tooth visible in the mouth above the gingiva.

Cure, dual – hardening of a material brought about by both self-curing and light curing.

Cure, light – hardening of a material in response to exposure to a curing light.

Cure, self – hardening of a material in response to mixing two chemicals together.

Curing – the act of polymerization of a chemical compound.

Distal – away from the midline.

Embrasure – a V-shaped space in a gingival direction between the proximal surfaces of two adjoining teeth.

Exothermic – the heat given off during a chemical reaction.

Facial – of, or pertaining to, both the labial and buccal surfaces of the teeth.

Flash – the excess material that extrudes beyond the intended margins of a restoration or a mold.

Gingival Margin – the most coronal portion of the gingiva surrounding the tooth.

Gingival Sulcus – the shallow furrow formed where the gingival tip meets the tooth enamel.

Homogenous – having a uniform quality and consistency throughout.

Hypertrophy  abnormally large growth.

Incisal – of, or pertaining to, the biting edge of an anterior tooth.

Labial – of, or pertaining to, the lip.

Lingual – of, or pertaining to, the tongue.

Mesial – toward the midline.

Monomer – one unit.

Occlusion – the contact of the posterior maxillary and mandibular teeth when brought together.

Polymerization – the conversion of low-molecular weight compounds called monomers to high-molecular weight compounds called polymers.  The process of curing a material to change it from a plastic to a rigid state.

Phonetics  pertaining to speech.

Polymer – organic molecules of high molecular weight, made up of many repeating units.

Pumice – ground volcanic ash that is used for polishing.

Undercut – the portion of a tooth that lies between the height of contour and the gingiva.  Also, recessed areas in the surface cast.

Viscosity – the property of a liquid that causes it not to flow easily.






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