1. A 24-Hour Dental Plaque Prevention Study with a Stannous Fluoride Dentifrice

A 24-Hour Dental Plaque Prevention Study with a Stannous Fluoride Dentifrice

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Reference: White DJ, Kozak KM, Gibb RD, Dunavent JM, Klukowska M, Sagel PA. J Contemp Dent Pract. 2006; 7(3):1-11


Crest® PRO-HEALTH produced a statistically significant reduction in dental plaque coverage 24 hours following last use.


To determine whether the antiplaque efficacy of Crest® PRO-HEALTH, a dentifrice containing anti-bacterial stannous fluoride (and sodium hexametaphosphate for cosmetic benefits), extended to 24 hours post use.


  • The study design comprised 3 phases:
    1. An initial 1-week treatment period with a regimen that included toothbrushing with standard sodium fluoride dentifrice (Cavity Protection Regular) in conventional b.i.d. brushing;
    2. A second 1-week treatment period regimen where a modified hygiene regimen was applied using - Cavity Protection Regular. A non-brushing period of 24 hours was included.
    3. A third 1-week treatment period which was identical to the second treatment period except subjects used Crest® PRO-HEALTH instead of Crest® Cavity Protection Regular.
  • A digital plaque image analysis (DPIA) technique was used to quantify in situ plaque formation. Plaque formation was assessed in morning measurements following either standard evening hygiene (treatment period 1) or 24 hours since brushing (treatment periods 2 and 3). Post-brushing plaque measurements were also taken in each treatment regimen.
  • Study subjects were adults with sufficient plaque levels in pilot pre-screening to warrant participation.

Imaging System

Imaging Systems


  • Sixteen subjects completed all three treatment regimens with no side effects or oral complaints.
  • Treatment period 1:
  • Morning plaque coverage was 13.3%.

  • Treatment period 2:
  • Plaque coverage significantly increased when pre-bedtime brushing was discontinued, with 24-hour growth covering 18.4% of the dentition.

  • Treatment period 3:
  • Intervention of the antimicrobial stannous fluoride dentifrice provided significant inhibition of plaque regrowth over 24 hours (15.2% coverage, a 17.4% reduction vs. sodium fluoride dentifrice control).

  • These results support the strong retention and lasting antimicrobial efficacy of Crest® PRO-HEALTH dentifrice.

Morning Pre-Brushing Treatment Comparisons

* Two-sided P-values from a paired-difference t-test.

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