1. Extrinsic Stain Removal Efficacy of a Stabilized Stannous Fluoride Dentifrice

Extrinsic Stain Removal Efficacy of a Stabilized Stannous Fluoride Dentifrice

Reference: L Friesen, T He, R. Eusebio. J Dent Res 2017; 96 (Spec Iss A): Abstract 1941.


  • After 2 week of use, the experimental stabilized stannous fluoride (SnF2) group demonstrated significantly less Interproximal Modified Lobene (IML) stain overall (see Figure) and interproximal surface stain than the positive control dentifrice group (P<0.0012).
  • Both groups showed statistically significant reductions in IML stain scores at Week 2 (P<0.0001) relative to Baseline. The median percent change reductions were 57% for the positive control and 70% for the SnF2 dentifrice.

Figure. Interproximal Modified Lobene Stain Scores per Group.

Interproximal Modified Lobene Stain Scores per Group


To assess the extrinsic stain removal benefit delivered by a SnF2 dentifrice and a positive control dentifrice over a two-week period.


  • This study utilized a randomized, two-week, double-blind, parallel group design.
  • At Baseline, an IML examination was performed on the facial surfaces of the twelve anterior teeth. The two teeth with the highest IML composite scores were selected as the test teeth.
  • Subjects were stratified on stain scores of the test teeth, and gender, and randomized to one of two treatment groups:
  • - Experimental 0.454% stabilized stannous fluoride dentifrice (Crest® PRO-HEALTH Clean Mint [Smooth Formula], Procter & Gamble); or

    - 0.243% sodium fluoride/0.3% triclosan positive control whitening dentifrice (Colgate® Total® Whitening, Colgate-Palmolive).

  • Subjects were instructed to use their respective test product following the manufacturer’s instructions at home over the two week study duration.
  • Tooth color was reassessed at Week Two.
  • Baseline to post-treatment change in stain score was tested using paired t-tests. Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) with treatment as a factor and Baseline Lobene score as the covariate was used to assess treatment differences post-treatment. All comparisons were two-sided using a 5% level of significance.


Stabilized SnF2 dentifrice has been shown to provide significant oral health benefits, including protection against caries, plaque, gingivitis and sensitivity.§ SnF2 formulations have also been developed to provide esthetic benefits consumers desire, including extrinsic stain removal. This high silica containing toothpaste is uniquely formulated to provide effective cleaning and surface stain removal.

‡ Friesen L, et al. Am J Dent 2016; 29:20-24.
§ Baig A and He T. Compend Contin Educ Dent. 2005;26 (Suppl 1): 4-11.

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