OrthoEssentials Program

Ortho Essentials Program

To enroll in the OrthoEssentials program today, call 1-800-543-2577!

A unique program designed to grow your practice and inspire excellent oral hygiene in your patients. Enroll in OrthoEssentals today- because the best word of mouth for your practice comes from healthy, beautiful smiles!

Improves Oral Hygiene

Paitents using Pro-Health System


  • Oral-B GENIUS Professional Exclusive with Position Detection, Oral-B ® Ortho brush head, and Oral-B® Interproximal Clean brush head
  • Oral-B® Superfloss®
  • Crest® PRO-HEALTH™ Clean Mint Smooth Toothpaste
  • Crest® PRO-HEALTH™ Tartar Protection Mouthwash
Included in Pro-Health System

Drives Patient Compliance

Help your practice connect with patients in their own language through the OrthoEssentials Program. This specially designed program helps engage patients in the ortho process and excite them about at-home oral care. The unique SCORE YOUR SMILE tool allows patients to have a visual understanding of how well they’re following their oral care routine. You’re able to explain the importance of care to them with the in-office tools, and they’re able to follow through using the at-home companions.

In-office tools

  • OrthoEssentials Implementation Guide (Patient Procedure and Referral)
  • Chairside Scoring Laminate (featuring Score Your Smile)
  • Clean Routine Action Plan Tear Pad
  • OrthoEssentials Easel
Ortho Essentials In-Office Tools

At-home tools

  • Score Your Smile Card for the bathroom mirror
  • Patient Education Booklet
  • Stickers for power toothbrush
Ortho Essentials At-Home Tools

Supports Practice Building

These customizable referral materials let your community and local dental practices know you are committed to the oral health of your mutual patients and participate in the OrthoEssentials program. The OrthoEssentials.com “search for an orthodontist” feature allows patients to find participating practices.

Online tools on dentalcare.com/ortho

  • Customizable Referral Cards
  • Customizable Letters
  • Banner Ads
Ortho Essentials Online Tools through Dentalcare.com

Online OrthoEssentials Orthodontist Search

Ortho Essentials Online Tools
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