Test Preview

  1. Which of the following is NOT considered a component of the periodontium?
  1. Which of the following is NOT a histological component of the gingival connective tissue?
  1. What tissue surrounds the tooth and creates a cuff, or collar, of gingiva extending coronally approximately 1.5 mm from the CEJ?
  1. What are the clinical observations noted during an examination of the gingiva indicating gingival health?
  1. Which of the following local factors contributing to gingival disease can be controlled by the oral hygiene procedures described in this course?
  1. What is the current recommendation for toothbrushing and flossing in the maintenance of gingival health?
  1. What is the appropriate depth of measurement for a healthy sulcus?
  1. What instrument is used to measure the millimeter depth of a sulcus?
  1. What effect on the gingiva do the local factors plaque, bacteria and calculus play?
  1. What relationship does tooth size have on the mass of the interdental papilla?