Test Preview

  1. According to the Cochrane Database of Systematic Review, what is the one-year reduction in caries following properly placed dental sealants?
  1. How does the cost of placing a dental sealant compare to the cost of placing an occlusal amalgam restoration?
  1. The need for placement of dental sealants has become more of a necessity because:
  1. Which of following methods of protecting the occlusal surfaces of teeth removes the least amount of enamel?
  1. Which of the following is the most critical step in the placement of resin based pit and fissure sealants?
  1. What is the appropriate curing time for light cured sealant materials?
  1. When saliva touches the tooth surface, what takes place immediately?
  1. When placing the sealant material it is important to:
  1. After placing the sealant, it is necessary to evaluate the procedure by doing which of the following?
  1. Which of the following is the most appropriate method for removing excess material from a polymerized sealant?
  1. How do acid etching and prophylactic polishing compare with regard to loss of tooth structure?
  1. Which tooth surface benefits the least from the caries reducing effects of fluoride?
  1. How do patients seeking dental treatment in private offices differ from those treated in community sealant programs?
  1. Tooth enamel that is etched but not covered with sealant material will:

  1. Most of the historical studies that proved the efficacy of dental sealants were done in which of the following environments?