Test Preview

  1. Amalgam fillings are made to match natural tooth color.
  1. Primary dentition consists of 32 teeth.
  1. Pulp contains a tooth's nerves and blood vessels.
  1. Bacteria in plaque create acid from sugar that causes tooth decay.
  1. Tartar tends to accumulate more easily on the lingual surface of teeth.
  1. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body.
  1. Bleaching only changes the color of dentin, it does not change the color of enamel.
  1. Which form of tooth enamel is most resistant to acid attack?
  1. Which teeth are used for grinding?
  1. Which is a function of cementum?
  1. Which supporting structure is not part of the periodontium?
  1. Which area of the gingiva is probed for pocketing?
  1. What is plaque?
  1. Plaque can harden into which substance?
  1. What is the correct term for an artificial post or splint that is surgically placed in the jawbone?
  1. Which are clinical signs of gingivitis?
  1. Extracted teeth are brushed in a laboratory.  Which type of research study is this?
  1. The effects of two types of toothbrushes are compared in healthy mouths. Which type of research study is this?
  1. Which clinical signs are associated with periodontitis?
  1. Starting anterior and moving posterior, which order of teeth is correct?
  1. Primary dentition does not typically develop which type of tooth?
  1. Which tooth surface is closest to the midline?
  1. Which tooth surface of the anterior teeth is nearest the lips?
  1. Which tooth surface of the posterior teeth is closest to the cheek?
  1. Flossing helps to remove plaque in which area?