Test Preview

  1. Federal legislation regarding meth began in the ____________.
  1. Street names for meth include ____________.
  1. Users of meth are known as ____________.
  1. The pill form of meth can be ____________.
  1. What is the most common manner that methamphetamine is ingested?
  1. The following crimes are often associated with meth users and producers ____________.
  1. It is estimated that approximately 23.4 billion dollars are spent yearly in the U.S. due to meth abuse.  Which of the following are the reasons for this burden?
  1. Programs such as Ohio’s Face:Meth program ____________.
  1. The main ingredient in meth is ____________.
  1. Meth labs can be found in such areas as National Parks because _______________.
  1. What country is the major supplier of methamphetamine to the United States?
  1. The typical meth user is _______________.
  1. The following regions in the United States have the highest rate of methamphetamine use _______________.
  1. Meth has legitimate medical uses including _______________.
  1. A unique manifestation of methamphetamine abuse is punding.  Punding involves _______________.
  1. Short-term effects of meth use include ____________.
  1. Effects of long-term meth use include ____________.
  1. __________, also called speed bumps or meth sores, are lesions and scabbing on the face, arms, torso and legs.  They are commonly found on users who scratch at imaginary insects.
  1. Indications of meth use include _______________.
  1. Smoking meth is damaging to the oral cavity because _______________.
  1. Oral indications of meth use include _______________.
  1. Dental treatment of the patient with meth mouth should include preventive measures such as _______________.
  1. Safety tips for dealing with a meth user include _______________.
  1. Treatment options for meth abuse include _______________.
  1. Signs of a meth lab include _______________.
  1. Meth labs may be found in _______________.
  1. Meth labs are dangerous because _______________.
  1. The preparation needed to clean up a meth lab includes _______________.
  1. What state had the most meth lab seizures in 2014?
  1. Decontamination of vehicles used as meth labs include _______________.