Test Preview

  1. The percentage of the population affected by low general literacy is ________.
  1. Limited health literacy is associated with a variety of poor health outcomes and accounts for what percentage of all personal health care expenses?
  1. The average American reads at about the _______ grade reading level.
  1. The strongest predictor of overall health status is ____________.
  1. Low health literacy has been linked to which of the following:
  1. On May 25, 2000, then Surgeon General David Satcher released the 51st Surgeon General's report and first one dedicated to:
  1. The Healthy People initiatives are published every ten years by:
  1. The primary goal of the Healthy People initiatives is to provide _______________.
  1. Tooth decay is ranked as the ______________ chronic childhood disease.
  1. The number of people who die each year in the US from oral cancers:
  1. In September of 2003, then Surgeon General, Dr. Carmona stated that, "Eliminating health care disparities is predicated on _______________".
  1. Which of the following is the federal government's lead agency for scientific research on oral health and disease?
  1. The National Oral Health Literacy Advisory Committee (NOHLAC) was assembled by the ADA to:
  1. Which of the following is not considered a sign of limited literacy skills?
  1. Which of the following strategies is recommended for improving verbal communication with patients?
  1. Having your patients repeat back what you just told them in their own words to double-check their level of understanding is referred to as the:
  1. Which of the following was not a recommendation for improving provider-patient communication?
  1. When using printed materials, all of the following are recommended except:
  1. Microsoft Word™ provides a free readability assessment tool in its spell-check function called the ______________ grade level formula:
  1. Which of the following questions is a good example of an open-ended question?
  1. Numbers are often more confusing to patients than words:
  1. According to The National Practitioner Data Bank Public Use File Summary Report, Dental Assistants have been sued by patients.
  1. According to The National Practitioner Data Bank Public Use File Summary Report, which of the following was the number one reason for patients to file a malpractice suit against their dentist?
  1. Literacy is an important factor to consider when providing information to patients.  What other factors were recommended to consider?
  1. Healthy People 2020 was/will be published in what year?