Caries Process and Prevention Strategies: Diagnosis
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Course Author(s): Amid I. Ismail, BDS, MPH, MBA, DrPH

Test Preview

  1. What is the primary purpose of caries diagnosis?
  1. The most widely system now used to assess the status of caries across the continuum of the disease process is the ___________?
  1. Caries disease indicators include _______________.
  1. What are the basic tools for detecting caries lesions by visual inspection?
  1. Which of the following is true about using a dental probe?
  1. How does the ICDAS differ from the WHO Method of Caries Diagnostic Criteria?
  1. Which of the two Caries Diagnostic Methods (WHO or ICDAS) is considered to be the most useful?
  1. How many ICDAS codes are used to classify occlusal caries?
  1. Considering the ICDAS system, which of the following conditions generally apply?
  1. Which of the following factors influence the quality and interpretation of radiographic images when diagnosing caries lesions?
  1. Which of the following is true about the usefulness of complementing the clinical visual–tactile examination with bitewing radiography?
  1. Which of the following is a benefit of bitewing radiography?
  1. What is the main limitation of bitewing radiography?
  1. Which of the following methods of caries lesion detection and assessment is the only technique that is currently widely used in dental practice?
  1. What is one reason behind having pediatricians help in caries diagnosis?