Test Preview

  1. The achievement of Total Success is dependent on an individual’s _______________.
  1. Pareto’s Principle is best illustrated by the statement:
  1. A trait not necessary to achieve success is _______________.
  1. There are ______ steps involved in creating a Blueprint for Success.
  1. The first step in creating a Blueprint for Success is to _______________.
  1. Success values are best defined by _______________.
  1. When defining success values, _______________.
  1. Another term (or analogy) for an emotional need that is used in the course is _________________.
  1. Emotional needs can be characterized by the need to ____________.
  1. A question an individual asks when embarking on a Journey to Success is?
  1. To determine the starting point of a Journey to Success, an individual should _______________.
  1. The Total Success Wheel _______________.
  1. When defining a goal, _______________.
  1. If you are unable to visualize a goal, _______________.
  1. Validating goals _______________.
  1. By comparing a desired goal to the present state, _______________.
  1. Establishing a time table _______________.
  1. The order of the steps for creating a plan to achieve goals are:
  1. The intended date of completion for a major goal must be attained before the intended date of completion of a minor goal.
  1. The monitoring of progress is _______________.