Test Preview

  1. HIPAA requires patient notification when there has been a data breach, unless _____________.
  1. What type of information is the most valuable to cyber criminals?
  1. A dental practice can assign ultimate responsibility for HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule Compliance to an outside vendor.
  1. What is ciphertext?
  1. Approximately how many pages of text can a gigabyte hold?
  1. When you delete a file on a computer _______________.
  1. What is degaussing?
  1. What is the most common sign that a computer has been compromised?
  1. What steps should be taken to safeguard the information on a smartphone or other mobile device in case it’s stolen?
  1. What is jailbreaking?
  1. A factory reset is designed to electronically remove all data and downloaded applications from a mobile device.
  1. Pentesting is _______________.
  1. Top rated commercial grade antivirus software is all you need to protect a system.
  1. A business email compromise relates to an attacker taking over an employee’s email account.
  1. An endpoint is ____________.
  1. An attacker can steal electronic data from a printer or photocopier.
  1. What is a honeypot?
  1. A Trojan is ____________.