1. Providing optimum dental treatment is only part of the solution for achieving dental health. Equally important to providing treatment is the delivery of effective patient education on the materials, procedures and homecare.
  1. Which of the following are ideal characteristics of dental materials?
  1. Which of the following is an example of a direct restorative material?
  1. When considering the difference between an inlay and an onlay, which additional surface does the onlay replace?
  1. To prevent further bone loss, an overdenture includes (an) ____________.
  1. Acrylic should be cleaned with a denture brush and _____________.
  1. Which of the following can be defined as “instruction regarding health behaviors that bring an individual to a state of health awareness?"
  1. Dental health education refers to educating a patient on a particular dental health behavior. Knowledge alone will not impact dental health until the patient positively changes the behavior and it eventually becomes a habit.
  1. Which of the following must be addressed before a behavior change can occur?
  1. When the patient is actively involved in the learning process it is referred to as paternalistic communication. The term participatory communication is when the provider imparts his/her knowledge to the patient and dictates the desired patient behavior.