1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory states _______________.
  1. The original five needs include each of the following EXCEPT _______________.
  1. Another name for the self-esteem need is _______________.
  1. Self-actualization can be defined as _______________.
  1. Self-actualization is achieved by _______________.
  1. A characteristic of self-actualizers is/are _______________.
  1. Behaviors leading to self-actualization include _______________.
  1. Maslow states _______________.
  1. People prefer to be their own boss because _______________.
  1. Partnership pay is based on _______________.
  1. An employee’s share of partnership pay is based on each of the following EXCEPT _______________.
  1. Dr. Mark Costes proposes an incentive system for team members other than hygienists based on which of the following:
  1. Which one of the following is LEAST related to meeting a team member’s safety needs?
  1. Providing team members with paid maternity leave helps in unique ways to meet which needs in Maslow’s hierarchy?
  1. The most effective means of satisfying esteem needs is by _______________.
  1. A team member’s effort may be recognized by the employer, team members and patients using a specific communication strategy called _____________.
  1. The best way to encourage “ownership” of the practice by employees is to _______________.
  1. A reason to promote from within is/are _______________.
  1. Promoting an existing team member to a higher position _______________.
  1. Billing and insurance processing _______________.
  1. Delegation of responsibilities _______________.
  1. Regular team meetings can be especially effective in meeting which of these needs in Maslow's hierarchy?
  1. Strategies to inspire team members would NOT include which of the following?