1. An advantage of CBCT over conventional dental imaging is _______________.
  1. The following are advantages of CBCT over a medical MDCT EXCEPT one. Which one is the exception?
  1. CBCT machines may be classified based upon the _______________.
  1. Modifying which factor would decrease radiation exposure to the patient during a CBCT scan?
  1. Voxel size in CBCT image acquisition _______________.
  1. Selection of an increased voxel size for a CBCT scan _______________.
  1. The interpretation of the CBCT image volume should be _______________.
  1. Which view is considered a reformatted image useful in implant planning?
  1. “Beam hardening” artifacts in CBCT images can occur as a result of _______________.
  1. A CBCT scan may need to be reacquired if _______________.
  1. A CBCT scan would be potentially helpful for which assessment?
  1. What type of findings can be visualized in a CBCT image?
  1. In a scan of the temporomandibular joints, which could be potentially confirmed or denied on a CBCT scan?
  1. According to NCRP Report No. 177, in the safe and effective use of CBCT unit, proper training and continue education on CBCT shall be needed for the following individuals EXCEPT one. Which one is the exception?
  1. What is the dentist’s interpretive responsibility for a large FOV CBCT scan?