Test Preview

  1. Establishment of the “dental home” is expected to provide all of the following except: _______________.
  1. According to the AAPD the recommended age that a child’s first dental visit occur is _______________.
  1. Seeing the child dental patient at the youngest age provides all of the following except _______________.
  1. All of the following are treatment goals for the pediatric dental patient except _______________.
  1. The most likely age under which pediatric patients have limited communicative ability is __________.
  1. Patients with limited communicative ability are best treated with _______________.
  1. Examination of the young patient with limited communicative ability is best performed in the _______________.
  1. The most effective and comfortable position during examination of an infant for the patient, parent and dentist is _______________.
  1. The security a young dental patient experiences may increase by the child _______________.
  1. For the toddler patient, who possesses communicative ability, the most appropriate behavior modification technique is _______________.
  1. Desensitization is defined as gradual exposure to _______________.
  1. In the dental setting a child is desensitized to the dental experience through a technique of _______________.
  1. When explaining a sensation to a child, a good substitute for the word “hurt” is __________.
  1. Children differ from adults in all of the following except _______________.
  1. When interacting with a young patient, the dentist should try to do all of the following except _______________.
  1. Which is not part of the pre-appointment assessment:
  1. The clinical extraoral evaluation of the patient begins with _______________.
  1. The evaluation of the soft tissues includes _______________.
  1. Oral examination of the dentition includes all of the following except _______________.
  1. Recommendations for appropriate dental disease control include all of the following except _______________.
  1. Parents can reduce the transference of oral bacteria to their child by doing all of the following except _______________.
  1. Parents should begin to clean their child’s teeth _______________.
  1. Parents should begin to floss their child’s teeth _______________.
  1. Recall appointments should be scheduled for children at ____________.
  1. The preferred marketing strategy to attract young patients to the practice is to do all of the following except _______________.