1. Baby boomers are considered to be born between what years?
  1. What is the current estimation of the percentage of older adults in the American population today and what are the future projections for 2050?
  1. Geriatric dentistry, or geriodontics, is generally considered to be a part of which division of dentistry?
  1. When should the physical evaluation of an elderly patient begin during a dental appointment?
  1. What are the roles of the front desk staff?
  1. Which age group is considered to have the greatest incidence of stroke among the elderly population?
  1. The measurement of vital signs generally does NOT include:
  1. In treating medically compromised elderly patients, a dentist is NOT required to take which of the following into consideration?
  1. Which of the following devices is NOT used to transfer elderly patients?
  1. CPR in medical/dental terminology stands for?
  1. Which of the following members of the dental team are recommended to renew their CPR license every two years?
  1. Which one of these is NOT considered to be a medical emergency?
  1. What is the prescribed concentration of epinephrine in dental emergencies?
  1. A sudden dip in the blood pressure of an elderly patient resulting in a sudden change in body posture is known as _______________.
  1. Post-operative instructions to any elderly patient should always be _______________.