1. Panoramic radiographic images are recommended in each of the following clinical situations EXCEPT _______________.
  1. Which selection is an accurate description of panoramic x-ray machines?
  1. Artifacts can be produced on panoramic images when the clinician does not pay attention to technical details. Which of the following scenarios would produce radiopaque artifacts?
  1. Which selection is descriptive of panoramic imaging technique?
  1. Which selection is NOT an accurate description of the focal trough?
  1. Panoramic imaging demonstrates each of the following features except one.  Which one is this exception?
  1. Which criterion is NOT associated with a diagnostic panoramic radiographic image?
  1. When determining ideal panoramic image density, what is the best region to examine to assess adequate density?
  1. Which of the following problems would produce a high-density panoramic image?
  1. What anatomic structure is identified by the arrow on this panoramic image? Test Image 1
  1. What is the anatomic structure identified by the arrow on this panoramic image? Test Image 2
  1. Several visual features of the dentition can be used to assess whether the teeth are positioned correctly within the focal trough.  Which selection is a visual assessment feature?
  1. Which phrase is inconsistent with the appearance of panoramic ghost images?
  1. What error would cause of the production of a wedge-shaped radiopaque artifact near the midline on panoramic image?
  1. What type of image distortion is characteristic of midsagittal head plane errors?
  1. What type of error is produced when the head is tilted to one side?
  1. Examine this panoramic image carefully. What correction does the clinician need to make to improve the diagnostic quality of the image?
    Test Image 3
  1. What type of distortion will occur if the patient’s head is positioned too high up?
  1. When the patient’s head is positioned too far down, which manifestations will the clinician observe on the panoramic image?
  1. If the patient’s head is positioned too far back, what type of distortion will be evident on the panoramic image?