1. The new global definition of oral health includes all but the following:
  1. In understanding the epidemic of dry mouth syndrome, which concept is of limited value?
  1. Dry mouth syndrome _______________.
  1. Today’s dental clinicians should be expected to do all but one of these actions:
  1. Which of the following about hyposalivation is incorrect?
  1. Xerostomia _______________.
  1. Which one of the following attributes of healthy saliva in sufficient quantities is correct?
  1. Adequate saliva helps people taste food, chew, and swallow their food. Enzymes in saliva breakdown starch molecules in food.
  1. The benefits of healthy saliva include all but one of the following:
  1. Saliva contains the following:
  1. Most cases of dry mouth are chronic and have complex, multifactorial etiologies. Chronic dry mouth syndrome does not have a negative impact on quality of life.
  1. Which statement is false about dry mouth?
  1. A visual inspection always reveals early dry mouth issues. Patients may not report early stages of dry mouth syndrome.
  1. Clinical signs of dry mouth include the following. Which group is correct?
  1. Which of the following does not describe classic symptoms of dry mouth syndrome?
  1. Those with dry mouth may experience the following:
  1. Which statement about saliva is false?
  1. Ninety percent of whole saliva comes from three major glands. Which is true?
  1. Which statement is true about saliva glands?
  1. Mucins control salivary viscosity, elasticity, and keep saliva in contact with oral structures. The serous component of saliva lubricates oral tissues.
  1. Which statement about salivary protein functions is false?
  1. The following statement about salivary flow rates is true:
  1. Which of the following statements about salivary flow rate is/are not accurate?
  1. Salivary pH is important. Which statement is true?
  1. Hard tooth structures exposed to repeated low pH levels are not at risk for caries or erosion. The oral environment is never stable regardless of the pH level.
  1. Which dentin property is false?
  1. Erosion is common in those with dry mouth and is a leading cause of dentinal hypersensitivity. Which statement is true?
  1. Dry mouth syndrome can be a symptom of a wide range of diseases and conditions which include:
  1. Those over the age of 60 take an average of three or more medications daily. Dry mouth is a rare side effect for both prescribed and over-the-counter medications including herbal preparations and supplements.
  1. Which of the following lifestyle factors contributes to the risk for dry mouth syndrome?