1. A trauma-informed approach to human trafficking means _______________.
  1. Dentists and healthcare workers are mandated to report child abuse. Any person under the age of _____ is considered a child and under federal law must be reported, if child abuse is suspected. Human Trafficking is child abuse.
  1. The trafficking victims protection act of 2000 provides all of the following mandates EXCEPT which one:
  1. Healthcare providers who report a trafficking victim are protected from _______________.
  1. Which statement is valid regarding children and human trafficking?
  1. Human trafficking, globally, is estimated to be a _______________.
  1. Human trafficking in the United States is affected by which of the following?
  1. Perpetrators involved in human trafficking use violence, force, fraud and coercion on the victims. The most visible evidence that may support a trafficking victim would be from which of the following?
  1. The most profitable transaction for those involved in human trafficking is _______________.
  1. Which of the following is NOT true with regard to “Shared Houses” involving young boys?
  1. Young girls, aged 12-14, are targeted especially for sex trafficking because the perpetrators find them to be _______________.
  1. The Stockholm Syndrome, with regard to victims of human trafficking, is defined as:
  1. In order for the Stockholm Syndrome to occur, all of the following would usually be present EXCEPT:
  1. A trafficking victim may seek dental care because of pain. The captor may allow this because of which of the following reasons?
  1. Up to _______% of human trafficking victims obtain health care during captivity.
  1. Of the listed occupations below, which is NOT a noted venue for trafficking?
  1. Which of the following would NOT be an “outward indicator” of a human trafficking victim?
  1. The airline industry is now training employees such as flight attendants, ticket agents and other employees who have interactions with passengers in trafficking detection, and this has proven to increase confidence levels of all employees. This training is referred to as being:
  1. There is a period of time during which a captor breaks the will of a victim increasing the likelihood of physical evidence of torture, abuse and outward indications of maltreatment. This is referred to as _______________.
  1. Which of the following best describes a perpetrator of a trafficking victim?
  1. According to the cited “Lingo” in this CE course, what is it called when victims get moved to a series of places in order to increase their vulnerability and perpetrator’s control?
  1. Sex trafficking victims refer to their situation as _______________.
  1. If you suspect someone of being a trafficking victim, what should you NOT do?
  1. Human trafficking solutions must involve all of the following EXCEPT:
  1. A key factor indicating the possibility of human trafficking is the person who is with the perceived victim seeking treatment insistinsisting on being involved in the procedure and decision making. The best course of action would be: