The Synergistic Interplay Between Dental Sleep Medicine and General Dentistry, Should Your Practice be Concerned? Why?
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Course Author(s): Gene Santucci, DDS, MA


  1. Acid erosion is a chemical dissolution of dental hard tissues without bacterial involvement. The acid source can be both intrinsic and extrinsic in nature.
  1. In a study by Faller and Eversole, surface enamel loss was _______________.
  1. In his 2010 article, Dr. Rouse explained the interaction of_______________.
  1. Our saliva is composed of _______________.
  1. Which of the following sleep survey(s)is/are recommended for children?
  1. Senate Bill #238 encourages school districts to _______________.
  1. Following a patient’s diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which of the following treatment concepts is true?
  1. Following a child’s consumption of a sports drink or cola, a parent is wise to _______________.
  1. Pothole dental lesions resulting from acid attack should _______________.
  1. The two main factors that determine awake and sleep pressures are Circadian Rhythm and Adenosine phosphate. Both are affected by caffeine.
  1. The ADA policy of 2017 related to breathing disorder treatment, suggests a policy for you to implement into your dental practice which is?
  1. A complete Hypnogram cycle consists of _______________.