Minimally Invasive Treatment of Proximal Lesions
Test Preview

Course Author(s): Jeanette MacLean, DDS, DABPD, FAPPD


  1. What is a SMART Filling?
  1. Silver diamine fluoride was developed in the 1960’s in Japan and first sold as Saforide in 1970, but it was not commercially available in the United States as Advantage Arrest until what year?
  1. The main mechanism of action of SDF is _______________.
  1. According to the literature, silver diamine fluoride arrests approximately what percentage of carious lesions?
  1. What is the CDT code for Interim Caries Arresting Medicament, otherwise known as the SDF code?
  1. Ideally, SDF should be applied to a lesion for at least how long?
  1. How much fluoride is in one drop of 38% SDF?
  1. Resin infiltration is indicated for caries arrest in lesions up to what depth?
  1. Which type of rubber dam material must be avoided during the resin infiltration procedure to avoid being melted by the materials?
  1. What is the CDT code for resin infiltration?