Prevention and Non-Surgical Treatment of Caries
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Course Author(s): Nathaniel Lawson, DMD, PhD


  1. What is the major buffer inside saliva?
  1. Which is a function of saliva for preventing caries?
  1. What is the critical pH of enamel?
  1. Which of these sugars is a fermentable sugar?
  1. Carbohydrates in foods such as potato chips can be cariogenic.
  1. How do diet sodas cause damage to tooth structure?
  1. According to the Cochrane review, which was shown to be more effective with manual toothbrushes relative to electric toothbrushes?
  1. How does stannous fluoride help prevent gingivitis?
  1. How much fluoride is in most non-prescription fluorides?
  1. Patients should be instructed to rinse their mouths following brushing with fluoridated toothpaste.