Smile Design: 7 Deadly Sins
Test Preview

Course Author(s): David Rice, DDS


  1. What is the first and one deadly sin that applies to each of the other deadly sins?
  1. One technique to establish incisal edge position uses speech. Asking a patient to count from which below proves helpful?
  1. The neutral zone describes a zone that _______________.
  1. When it comes to establishing midline, which is more important?
  1. Axial Inclination of anterior teeth is key. Which statement below is true when building ideal?
  1. There are two sets of embrasures to assess in restoring anterior teeth.
  1. Incisal embrasures increase in size as we move distally in a classic Gullwing smile.
  1. Anterior guidance is a principle that in its simplest form denotes _______________.
  1. Which of the following limits composite resin as compared to ceramic materials?
  1. Which of the following limits feldspathic porcelain as it compares to other ceramic materials?