Mental Health Care in Dentistry: A Trauma Informed Approach to Suicide Prevention
Test Preview

Course Author(s): Lara Mekhitarian, LMFT


  1. Developing a clear understanding of traumatic stress includes ______________.
  1. Vicarious Trauma is _______________.
  1. Traumatic grief is reserved for the death of a loved one.
  1. Hyperarousal is _______________.
  1. The Window of Tolerance_______________.
  1. Causes of high stress in dentistry do NOT include _______________.
  1. Those who are displaying signs of suicidality tend to be very social and engaging with those around them and have no difficulty articulating their feelings.
  1. The power of coping strategies is designed to _______________.
  1. What are the main components of safety planning?
  1. One way a dental practice can support its employees who are struggling with the trauma of COVID and recent world events is to _______________.