Test Preview

  1. Which is not a characteristic on nitrous oxide?
  1. Nitrous oxide is:
  1. To obtain the same effect at the extreme altitudes (above 10,000 feet) the concentration of nitrous oxide must be:
  1. An objective of nitrous oxide/oxygen administration is:
  1. Nitrous oxide is not indicated for a:
  1. Nitrous oxide may be administered to a patient:
  1. While being administered nitrous oxide a tear rolls down the patient’s cheek. This is a sign to the dentist that:
  1. During nitrous oxide administration the patient’s muscles take on a stiffened appearance. This is a sign to the dentist that:
  1. The ideal stage to render treatment to a patient receiving nitrous oxide is:
  1. Tidal volume is:
  1. Which category of patient has the largest tidal volume?
  1. Which category of patient has the greatest respiratory rate?
  1. A patient’s minute respiratory volume:
  1. Nitrous oxide should never be administered during the:
  1. Nitrous oxide is recommended for the following situations:
  1. Which is not a contraindication for nitrous oxide?
  1. The suggested guidelines for clinical monitoring of the patient receiving greater than a 50% nitrous oxide/oxygen concentration includes:
  1. The first step when administering nitrous oxide/oxygen to a patient is?
  1. The correct order of steps when completing a nitrous oxide/oxygen administration to a patient is:
  1. Diffusion hypoxia can result in: