Test Preview

  1. The occurrence of which three conditions are becoming more prevalent in the adolescent U.S. population _______________.
  1. In defining diabetes, which definition is correct?
  1. Diabetes education is best accomplished by including _______________.
  1. Which of the following patients may experience hypoglycemia in a dental chair?
  1. Which of the following oral conditions are most frequently associated with diabetes?
  1. In assessing periodontal disease in a patient with diabetes, which of the following risk factors should be considered?
  1. A comprehensive periodontal exam in a patient with diabetes should include _______________.
  1. A glucose or lactose source includes _______________.
  1. Which of the following features is NOT present in HHS?
  1. A1C averages a patient’s blood glucose value _______________.
  1. The best carbohydrate source for treating a patient experiencing hypoglycemia would be _______________.
  1. John has _______________.
  1. Considering John’s blood pressure reading, _______________.
  1. What treatment is indicated before starting the recare appointment?
  1. Treatment planning for John should include the following recommendations _______________.
  1. John’s blood glucose level is 55 mg/dL. The dental professional should _______________.
  1. John asks you for some advice on maintaining good glucose control. You tell him to _______________.
  1. With an A1C of 9%, this indicates John has been _______________.
  1. Symptoms that have a possible association to diabetes includes _______________.