Clinical Teaching Strategies and Techniques
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Course Author(s): Harold A. Henson, RDH, PhD


  1. Faculty should coordinate efforts to transition students’ learning from the classroom and then implementation in clinical settings.
  1. Didactic faculty that are not teaching in the clinical environment need _______________.
  1. Which of the following are socialization strategies for full- and part-time faculty?
  1. Which of the following provides an educational scaffolding through experiential learning?
  1. Using a document camera to show a periodontal instrumentation technique is an example of which technique?
  1. What technique discusses the strength of evidence and compares the standard with practices currently used in the institution?
  1. A student notices that their classmate is not wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). This type of teaching technique is called _______________.
  1. When faculty presents a “hypothetical” case with minimum information, this is the start of which clinical teaching technique?
  1. This process enables the practitioner to critically self-assess and analyze their approach to practice.
  1. The process of discussing the positives and challenges of the clinic session is part of the ______________.