Clinical Remediation: An Overview
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Course Author(s): Harold A. Henson, RDH, PhD


  1. What is the primary goal of clinical education?
  1. Competencies are based on which of the following two items?
  1. The _______________ represents the relationship between episodes of practice and level of performance.
  1. _______________ is the recognition of the need to implement intervention strategies to improve student performance that, if otherwise left unattended, would result in adverse consequences?
  1. The remediation process begins with identifying the student at risk, through failure of an examination or identification in the clinical area by the clinical instructor.
  1. When a student is unable to demonstrate an adequate skill development in order to move to the next level, then remediation becomes necessary.
  1. Which of the following is NOT a component of a clinical remediation?
  1. When addressing an accreditation standard in regards to a remediation, which of the following is the first step?
  1. Whenever possible, reassessment strategies should be recommended by the remediation team but performed by an unbiased group of educators who are not aware that the learner had deficits and underwent remediation is known as _______________.
  1. ______________ is absolutely critical and the most important component of the remediation process.