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Complete your patients' at home care with the right mouthwash

Using mouthwash is an important at home routine that helps your patients maintain good oral health. Some types of mouthwash, such as fluoride rinses, can help protect your patients teeth against acids produced by plaque bacteria, even after your patients have thoroughly brushed and flossed their teeth. Recommend Crest mouthwashes to prevent cavities, kill germs and control plaque between office visits.

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Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection mouthwash

Crest PRO-HEALTH Multi-Protection mouthwash helps your patients advance to a healthier mouth from Day 1*. The alcohol-free mouthwash kills 99% of germs that cause plaque, gingivitis, and bad breath.*with continued use vs. brushing alone with ordinary toothpaste. Starts fighting plaque from day 1.

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Bacteria in the mouth, especially on the tongue, is one of the biggest bad breath causes

You might think that bad breath, or halitosis, comes mostly from eating foods like garlic and onions. You may be surprised to learn that bacteria in the mouth, especially on the tongue, is one of the biggest bad breath causes.

Featured Research
Mouthwash research

A 6-month clinical trial to study the effects of a cetylpyridinium chloride mouthrinse on gingivitis and plaque

To evaluate the effects of a novel mouthrinse containing 0.07% high bioavailable cetylpyridinium chloride (Crest Pro-Health Rinse) on the development of gingivitis and plaque versus a placebo control over a period of 6 months.

Featured Research
Mouthwash research

Anticaries Potential of Commercial Fluoride Rinses as Determined by Fluoridation and Remineralization Efficiency

The objective of this work was to compare the anticaries potential of several currently marketed fluoride-containing mouthrinse products using two in vitro approaches: 1) fluoride uptake studies of demineralized human enamel samples after exposure to rinse products; and 2) microhardness studies of sound enamel samples after exposure to the rinse products and demineralizing agents.