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Please contact customer service by calling 1-800-543-2577, Option 1 or send a note via email at Hours of operations: Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm EST.
Please go to to request a teach and learn for your office. Someone will reach out to you via phone or email to schedule.
Are you interested in ordering products with a professional discount for yourself or your office? Learn how easy it to set up an ordering account and start receiving products right to your door! Click here for detailed instructions on both business and personal accounts. If you have issues with registering or logging in to ProShop, please email
If you have issues with registering or logging in to ProShop, please email
Would you like to order manual toothbrush bundles to share with your patients during their dental appointments? Learn how to select your options online at ProShop here.
Does your office have an auto shipment set up with Crest + Oral-B? Learn how to add items, remove items or set up an auto shipment and receive your products at your convenience here.
Please contact customer service by calling 1-800-543-2577, Option 1, call your Crest + Oral Direct or Distributor Representative, or send a note via email at Hours of operations: Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm EST.

Due to NEW enhanced security measures, two-step authentication is required for email and phone number changes. Click: Your Profile (top right of browser window) > Edit Profile

  • Step 1: Update your email address (IF NEEDED), enter your mobile phone number (REQUIRED) and choose your Mobile Carrier Country. *
  • Step 2: Ensure the rest of your profile is correct and click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.
  • Step 3: Check your mobile phone for the authentication code.
  • Step 4: Enter code and click “Submit Code.”
  • Step 5: Click “Save Changes.”

*Important to Note: You should receive the code via text message immediately. If profile required fields are blank, you will not receive a code. If you enter a landline or non-mobile number, you will not receive a code. Click “cancel” and submit a customer service ticket here to make the change.

CE certificates are automatically forwarded to Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina and Tennessee CE Broker on a monthly basis. For example, if you took a course in January, the record would be sent to CE Broker in the beginning of February. To ensure that your information is properly recorded, it is necessary to enter your license number. For accurate submissions into the Florida CE Broker system, dentists need to have a DN in front of their license number and hygienists need to have a DH in front of their license number. Please remove any zeros at the front of your license before submitting. CE Broker does not accept zeros.
  • Go to the site Log in/Register page.
  • In the "Sign In" box, click "I forgot my password"
  • Enter your email address. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. If you do not receive the email, check your spam/junk folder.

The email will provide a link to create your new password. The password reset links are only valid for 1 click, within 24 hours of request. The password must be at least 8 characters, including 1 number and 1 letter. Upon entering your new password, click “Create Your New Password” button.

Your certificate and score will also be stored in “Your Courses & Activities” on You may also want to print the certificate for your records.If you did not receive your certificate, it indicates the course submission was not complete. To ensure that your submission is complete: Login to, > select desired course > after taking a course, click “Take the Test” on the left sidebar. When you submit your test, you will see your score. You have the option to take the test again or to record your course completion and obtain a certificate by clicking “CREATE CERTIFICATE.” You will then enter your name, license number and fill out a survey. Click “OBTAIN CERTIFICATE” below the survey. If you believe that you completed all steps above and a certificate was still not issued in error, please CONTACT US via this form and list the approximate date and time that you took the test and the team will troubleshoot further.
To add the code you received in one of the Crest + Oral-B sponsored CE Zoom Live continuing education courses, please contact CE Zoom at To access your CE Zoom Live CE certificates, please go to and log into your account.

NEW Case Studies and Online Test Feature!

The Case Studies have been updated! If you are looking for a case number that is no longer available, click here.  Faculty members no longer need to provide their students with the answers! Students can take the test online and immediately get their score! If you are a faculty member wishing to see the test answers, please contact customer service.  

COMING SOON! Case Study Assignment Feature – you will be able to:

  1. Create a Case Study Assignment
  2. Share the assignment number with your students
  3. Students complete the test(s)
  4. Visit and SEE your students’ scores or download them into an excel spreadsheet.
When you complete a continuing education course on, a form will come up that requests your name, address, etc. If you are a member of the AGD, make sure to fill out the field that asks for your AGD membership number. When you hit submit, a copy of the "proof of completion" is e-mailed directly to the AGD and P&G. You may also want to print a copy for your records.
Yes - we are an ADA CERP Recognized Provider.
I am sorry to inform you that we cannot delete CE courses which have already been submitted. As a CE provider, we are required to keep copies of all submitted courses for 7 years. Due to this regulation, our system does not allow course deletion. This ensures that a course will not be deleted accidentally.
If you have already completed the assigned course and forgot to add your assignment number, you will need to submit a request to Contact Us. Please provide your assignment number and course name to enable us to help you faster.
In the top right corner of the “Toothy” conversation, there is a small _ symbol. Click _ and it will minimize the chat window. To re-activate Toothy's menu, just click the icon.
The Messenger cannot be used on the Internet Explorer browser. Please try another browser, on desktop or mobile, to talk to “Toothy.” If you are still encountering issues using the messenger tool, please contact the team via email.
There is no fair way to select some groups without denying others that are equally deserving. Therefore, these donations are made through existing partnerships. In the United States, we make product donations to Feeding America and their affiliates. You may want to visit their website and search their affiliate network to see if there is one near you. We also provide product in response to disasters, emergencies, and humanitarian efforts. In these instances, we work with already identified partners.
There are two ways to access and print your CE credits.
  • Click here to sign in
  • Click on "Your Profile". Click on "Your Courses & Activities". Your CE credits can be found under "Courses Submitted".
  • Click here to sign in
  • Click on the "Professional Education" dropdown menu on the home page.
  • Click on "Your Courses & Activities". Your CE credits can be found under "Courses Submitted".
We offer one centralized system for idea submissions. To submit your idea and review our guidelines go to click here.
To begin the application process, please check out the "Careers" section of Procter & Gamble's corporate website. The URL is
Items ordered from our U.S. Customer Service center may only shipped to addresses within the United States.
Our policy regarding using images from the website is to provide permission if all of the following conditions are met
  • You are a non profit company/agency
  • They are used for educational purposes only
  • The following credit is given: "Permission granted by Crest + Oral-B"
Yes! Send us your used dental care products including toothbrushes, brush heads, toothpaste tubes, mouthwash containers, floss containers, floss string, and floss picks. The sustainability effort “Recycle on Us” sponsored by Crest + Oral B, will organize, sanitize, and recycle it all for you—giving recycled plastics entirely new lifeFind out more here.

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