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Have a question? Review the most commonly asked questions in customer service! Account Information

How do I update my email address or phone number on my profile?

I've lost my password on, how do I retrieve it?

I'm a new dentalcare user. How do I register?

How do I find my Crest + Oral-B representative?

How do I schedule a Teach and Learn?

Help With Crest + Oral-B ProShop

How do I register for an account on Crest + Oral B ProShop?

I can’t log into my Crest + Oral-B ProShop account.

How do I order Manual Bundles on Crest + Oral B ProShop?

How do I make changes to my Auto Shipment in Crest + Oral-B ProShop?

How do I make changes to my Crest + Oral B ProShop Account?

Continuing Education, Case Studies and Assignments

Where can I find my completed CE courses?

I completed a course but cannot find my certificate.

I forgot to add my assignment number.

How do I find the answers to the Case Studies?

Why is the ADA CERP language not on my certificate?

Will my CE Certificate be sent to the CE Broker?

Will AGD PACE approved courses be accepted in my state?

Will my CE Certificate be sent to the AGD?

Do your courses meet the MACE Act requirements?

General Questions

What is your product donation policy?

How can I submit an idea for a new product?

How do I apply for a job at Procter & Gamble?

Is it ok to use images from the website?

Can I recycle any of my Crest or Oral-B products?

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