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Ann L. McCann, RDH, PhD

Ann L. McCann

Ann L. McCann is Professor and Director of Planning and Assessment at the Texas A&M University College of Dentistry in Dallas. She is nationally known for her contributions to assessment, having directed two federal grants from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to develop assessment methods and tools for health profession programs. She also served as the assessment expert on an NIDCR research grant for developing evidence-based practitioners and scientists and on many HRSA grants for developing dental pipeline programs for under-represented minority students. She has written a book on assessment, a chapter on women’s oral health and over 80 other publications. Dr. McCann has won the Teacher of the Year and the Institutional Service Excellence Award at the College of Dentistry. She also was a fellow in the Leadership Institute of the American Dental Education Association and former Chair of Dental Hygiene at University of Detroit-Mercy. Dr. McCann currently directs three online courses in the Master’s degree program Education for Health Professionals at Texas A&M University and mentors the dental students enrolled in that program. She also monitors the College strategic plan and is in charge of all assessment activities at the College, including course evaluations and many online surveys.

Updated: Nov 2017