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Sports-Related Dental Injuries and Sports Dentistry

Course Number: 127


Certainly, one of the most dramatic sports-related dental injuries is the complete avulsion of a tooth. Two to sixteen percent of all injuries involving the mouth result in an avulsed tooth. A tooth that is completely displaced from the socket may be replaced with varying degrees of success depending largely on the length of time the tooth is outside the socket. If the periodontal fibers attached to the root surface have not been damaged by rough handling, an avulsed tooth may have a good chance of recovering full function. After one hour, the chance for success is greatly diminished. Statistics show that the patient can have a 90% success rate if the tooth is placed back in the socket within twenty minutes. Success decreases 10% for each additional 5 minutes that the tooth is out of the socket.42 The fibers become necrotic and the replaced tooth will undergo resorption.11


Figure 6. Images of Avulsion.