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Pit Fissure Sealants: The Added Link in Preventative Dentistry

Course Number: 128

Procedures for Pit and Fissure Sealant Placement

Procedures for pit and fissure sealant placement may vary based on type of sealant and manufacturer. Referring to the manufacturer’s instructions is recommended before proceeding. Below are basic procedures indicated for resin-based sealants. Exceptions for chemical cured and/or glass ionomer sealant placement are noted.

Tray Set Up

Prior to the start of the procedure, a tray with all necessary instruments, supplies, and equipment should be prepared. The items listed below are included in the sample tray set-up (Figure 6). Each operator needs to determine what should be included on the tray based on personal preferences and the sealant material being used.


Figure 6. Tray set-up.

Explorer (No. 5)
Cotton Pliers
Isolation Device such as cotton rolls or other substitutes
Saliva ejector
Syringe Tip
Slow Speed Handpiece
Curing Light
Articulating Paper