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Therapeutic Mouthrinsing: An Effective Component to Oral Hygiene

Course Number: 317


As dental professionals, with the emphasis on biofilm accumulation in the oral cavity, it is now more important than ever to add mouthrinses to patients daily recommended oral health care routine. In addition to educating them on proper brushing and flossing technique, recommending use of a chemotherapeutic rinse after mechanical hygiene provides improved gingival health, the additional benefit of biofilm prevention for 8-12 hours and a simple way to improve their gingival health. Chlorhexidine is a widely used prescription agent that should be used for only three to six weeks, and CPC and essentials oils rinses are widely available over-the-counter, can be used long-term in various flavors. Various flavors and alcohol-free formulations (chlorhexidine and CPC) can be recommended to help assist with a pleasant usage experience and compliance.