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Therapeutic Mouthrinsing: An Effective Component to Oral Hygiene

Course Number: 317

Regimen Data

Most long-term research evaluating the gingival health benefits of chemotherapeutic rinses has involved twice a day brushing with a standard fluoride dentifrice (i.e., not containing an antiplaque agent). However, during the last few years antibacterial dentifrice formulations (e.g., stannous fluoride) have become more widespread. The value of adding an antibacterial rinse to a regimen involving an antibacterial dentifrice has been assessed in two recent clinical trials.33,34 Both studies confirm significant incremental plaque inhibition is achieved by adding the CPC rinse and a stannous fluoride dentifrice into daily home-care regimen. Thus, patients brushing with an antiplaque toothpaste can further enhance plaque control by using a therapeutic rinse. Research demonstrating statistically significant findings provides valuable information for clinicians in assisting their patients with daily oral health care regimens.33