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Do's and Don'ts of Porcelain Laminate Veneers

Course Number: 333

Treatment Plan Phase

It is important to confirm the following before starting the preparation:

  1. Check for contraindications

  2. Mount study casts

  3. Check posterior occlusion (anterior teeth do not function alone)

  4. Confirm that there is no protrusive or lateral interference

  5. Check centric anterior lingual contacts

  6. Consider three key elements of esthetics: contour, position and color

When restoring anterior teeth with porcelain veneers, you must be aware of incisal edge position, lingual contour, labial contour and inclination.

Empress Veneers

Figure 1.

Empress Veneers

Figure 2.

Tooth #7 (left) and tooth #10 (right) were treatment planned for Empress Veneers.

The teeth were whitened before veneer preparation.