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Current Concepts in Preventive Dentistry

Course Number: 334


acidogenic – Acid producing.

antimicrobial – Destroying or suppressing the growth of microorganisms.

buffer – A substance that minimizes a change in pH of a solution by neutralizing added acids and bases.

calculus – Hard mineralized deposit on the teeth.

carbohydrates – A group of chemical compounds, including sugars, starches, and cellulose.

carcinogenic – A cancer causing agent.

cariogenic – A caries causing agent.

cavitation – Pitting of the enamel, resulting in caries.

chronic – Of long duration.

circumscribed – To confine within boundaries.

demineralize – A process by which mineral components are removed from mineralized tissues.

dentifrice – Toothpaste or tooth cleaning compound.

diastema – Abnormally large space between teeth.

enamel – The outer surface of the crown of the tooth.

erythroplakia – A flat red patch or lesion in the mouth.

erythematous – A redness of the tissue, often a sign of inflammation or infection.

etiology – The study of the cause of a disease.

expectorate – To spit.

hyperplastic – Unusual growth in a part of the body, caused by excessive multiplication of cells.

hypersalivation – Excessive production of saliva.

incipient – Early beginning or development of a cavity.

infectivity – Capable of producing infection.

interproximal – The area between two adjacent teeth.

localized – Confined to a specific area.

malignant – A disease or condition likely to cause serious harm or death.

metastasis – Transmitting from one area of the body to another.

neoplasm – Abnormal growth of tissue; tumor.

papilla – Gingiva in the interproximal spaces.

papillomavirus – Viruses that cause benign epithelial tumors.

paresthesia – Abnormal or impaired skin sensation.

pathology – Study of the nature of a disease; abnormal manifestations of a disease.

periodontal – Tissues surrounding the teeth.

plaque – A soft deposit on the teeth.

polysaccharides – A group of nine or more monosaccharides joined together.

premalignant – Precancerous.

prognosis – A prediction of the outcome of a disease.

remineralization – A process enhanced by the presence of fluoride whereby partially decalcified tooth surfaces become recalcified by mineral replacement.

subgingival – Below the gingiva.

sucrose – A type of sugar.

sulcus – Groove or depression.

systemic – Affecting the entire body.

supragingival – Above the gingiva.

ulcerated – To form an ulcer.

ventral – Lower surface of the tongue.

xerostomia – A lack of saliva causing unusual dryness of the mouth.