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Common Congenital Conditions in Newborns

Three common conditions seen in the newborn are:

  • Epstein's Pearl

  • Bohn's Nodule

  • Dental Lamina Cyst

All three of these conditions are benign and generally require no treatment.

Epstein's Pearl

An Epstein’s pearl is a white pearl-like lesion that is found along the midpalatal raphe. It is thought to be an epithelial remnant along the fusion line of the palatal halves.


Epstein's Pearl

Bohn's Nodule

A Bohn's nodule is a lesion believed to be related to salivary gland remnants. It appears as a raised area located on the lateral portion of the alveolar ridge or between the midpalatal raphe and alveolar crest in the maxilla.


Bohn's Nodule

Dental Lamina Cyst

A dental lamina cyst is believed to be a remnant of the dental lamina, the embryologic precursors of teeth. It is epithelial in origin. It is found on the alveolar ridge of the maxilla and mandible. No treatment is necessary as the cyst usually disappears after three months.


Dental Lamina Cyst