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Treating Patients with Autism in a Dental Setting

Course Number: 402


The behaviors associated with autism can be very confusing and very difficult for professionals who have had no training or experience. I hope this course has allowed you as a professional to see individuals with autism do not misbehave simply because they do not want to listen but because we are speaking to them in ways they do not understand or perhaps they are limited by sensory difficulties. Individuals with autism experience the world in a completely different manner than the rest of us. The trick is stepping back and seeing the world from a different point of view. Success will come from patience, persistence, and understanding. While it may be an exhausting, and sometimes a frustrating hour when a child is learning to behave in the dental environment, it is no doubt worth the effort and absolutely rewarding as the walls are torn down. I personally commend you for using your personal time to take this course and learn more about this special population and how you can benefit their lives. Feel free to contact the author with any further questions or opportunities for training. Good luck!

To hear a one-hour interview with the author on BlogTalkRadio click on the following link (for informational purposes only, not part of the course):

To learn more about everyday life with a child with autism consider reading the author’s blog, “Autism Strong” found at