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Treating Patients with Autism in a Dental Setting

Course Number: 402

Remineralization Paste

The use of tooth creams that aid in remineralization have gained popularity in the last several years. These creams are used after brushing and flossing and help buffer acidic attacks, reduce white spot lesions and prevent decay. Many dental professionals are familiar with the product MI Paste. MI paste is an excellent product but uses casein, which is a milk protein. A significant number of individuals on the autism spectrum are sensitive to gluten and casein and need to have access to products without these allergens. The author prefers using Voco’s Remin Pro for individuals on the spectrum as it does not use casein (Figure 27).


Figure 26. How tooth creams aid in remineralization.


Figure 27. Remin Pro pastes.


To learn more about ReminPro watch this video: