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Aerosols in the Dental Office: Best Practices for Patient and Practitioner Safety

Course Number: 619

Special Precautions for High-aerosol Procedures (Known or Suspected COVID-19 Cases)

If emergency dental care is medically necessary for a patient who has, or is suspected of having COVID-19, Airborne Precautions including the following:88,89

  • HCP in the room should wear an N95 or higher-level respirator, eye protection, gloves, and a gown.

  • The number of healthcare providers present during the procedure should be limited to only those essential for patient care and procedure support. All other individuals should avoid contact within six feet of the patient.

  • Procedures should ideally take place in an airborne infection isolation room (AIIR).

  • Clean and disinfect procedure room surfaces promptly using approved protocols and disinfectants identified by the Environmental Protection Agency as effective against SARS-CoV-2.90

Dental treatment should be provided in a hospital or other facility that can treat the patient using the appropriate precautions.