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Interim Dental Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for the COVID‑19 Response – A New Paradigm

Course Number: 647

Equipment Considerations

Ensure dental equipment is maintained and brought back into service in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.2

  • After an extended period of non-use, dental equipment may require specific maintenance and/or repair. Review the manufacturer’s instructions for use (IFU) when bringing equipment back into service. Some considerations include:

    • Dental unit waterlines (DUWL):

      • Verify water quality meets standards for safe drinking water as established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (< 500 CFU/mL) prior to delivering dental care.

      • Follow manufacturer IFU guidance regarding the need to shock DUWL of any devices and products that deliver water used for dental procedures.

      • Continue standard maintenance and monitoring of DUWL according to the IFUs of the dental operatory unit and the DUWL treatment products.

    • Autoclaves and instrument cleaning equipment

      • Ensure that all routine cleaning and maintenance has been performed according to the schedule recommended per manufacturer’s IFU.

      • Test sterilizers using a biological indicator with a matching control (i.e., biological indicator and control from same lot number) after a period of non-use prior to reopening per manufacturer’s IFU.

      • Air compressor, vacuum and suction lines, radiography equipment, high-tech equipment, amalgam separators, and other dental equipment: Follow protocol for storage and recommended maintenance per manufacturer IFU.

  • For additional guidance on reopening buildings, see CDC’s “Guidance for Reopening Buildings After Prolonged Shutdown or Reduced Operation.”13