Basic Terminology

Before beginning the study of the gingiva and oral hygiene procedures it is necessary to define several terms commonly used.
Histology: Study of tissues
Periodontium: Collective term for the supporting structures of the teeth
Gingiva: Clinically visible tissue surrounding and supporting the teeth
Gingival Margin: The uppermost edge of the free gingival margin usually located at or around the cemento-enamel junction (CEJ)
CEJ: Junction between the anatomical crown and root
Dentition: All teeth present in the human mouth
Gingival Health: Absence of disease regarding the gingiva
Interdental Papilla: Gingiva extending between two neighboring teeth
Interdental Spaces: Space beneath tooth contacts
Apical: Towards the root tip
Coronal: Towards the chewing surface
Plaque: Dense, soft mass of microbial colonies attached to teeth and tissues of the oral cavity
Calculus: Hardened plaque
Interproximal: Between teeth