The P-LI-SS-IT System

This course introduces a communication model that has been used successfully by people in a range of helping professions when providing sexuality-related information. The model is J.S. Annon’s P-LI-SS-IT system.25 The acronym stands for the model’s four progressive levels:

  • Permission.
  • Limited Information.
  • Specific Suggestions.
  • Intensive Therapy.

This course discusses how the P-LI-SS-IT model may be applied to the dental setting for discussing the personally sensitive topic of breath odor concerns with patients. The P-LI-SS-IT system is flexible and adaptable to many settings and to whatever amount of time is available. The model allows for a range of treatment choices geared to the level of competence of the individual clinician.

Before introducing the P-LI-SS-IT model, a brief review of interviewing skills and counseling techniques is in order.