Case Study 2: Pediatric


My second patient today is Sara, a 5-year-old female, in for a routine checkup and cleaning. She does not take medication.Her parents have expressed concern about cavities because Sara likes to eat candy and does not know how to brush very well.

Dr. Lee to Sara: "Hi Sara. Today we will be examining your teeth, and then the dental hygienist will thoroughly clean them. The other people with us today are future oral health care providers, who are also going to learn about your mouth."

Like other children her age, Sara still has her 20 baby teeth, or primary dentition. Deciduous dentition are the first set of teeth to erupt (eruption) in humans and many other animals. They form during prenatal development and erupt during infancy. They are usually lost and replaced by secondary dentition.

Image: Oral health care provider showing a child how to brush.