Definition: An artificial post or splint that is surgically placed in the jawbone to be used as an anchor for replacement crown and bridge or dentures.

Usage: Dental implants are used to restore lost or missing teeth due to trauma or periodontal disease.

Definition: The biting or cutting edge of the anterior teeth.
Usage: The incisors and canines have an incisal edge instead of an occlusal surface.

Definition: The front cutting teeth, of which there are four in each jaw (maxilla and mandible): two central and two lateral.
Usage: Incisors are teeth with straight, cutting edges whose function is to bite and shear food, articulate speech, and support the lips.

Interdental Papilla
Definition: The part of the gum tissue that usually fills the embrasure.
Usage: The interdental papilla prevents impaction of food and debris between adjacent teeth.

Definition: The area between the proximal surfaces of two adjacent teeth.
Usage: Interproximal brushes, like floss, remove plaque and reduce gingivitis.

Intrinsic Stain
Definition: Stain inside the tooth which may be related to injuries or disruptions during tooth development.
Usage: Microabrasion has been shown to remove intrinsic stains caused by fluorosis.

In vitro Study
Alternate term: Laboratory study
Definition: A study carried out without human subjects, typically a laboratory study.
Usage: The results of an in vitro study of dental erosion progression in extracted healthy deciduous teeth showed that acid softens enamel.

In vivo Study
Alternate term: Clinical study
Definition: A study carried out with human subjects.
Usage: The results of an in vivo study of dental erosion progression in healthy children demonstrated that high intake of acidic or sugary drinks and frequent medications are associated with severe dental erosion.

Alternate term: Facial
Definition: The surface of an anterior tooth nearest the lips; pertaining to the lips. This term should only be used when referring to anterior teeth.
Usage: The labial surfaces of the central incisors, lateral incisors, and canines are closest to the lips.

Lateral Incisor
Definition: A front tooth located just distal, or to the outside, of the central incisor.
Usage: Congenitally missing lateral incisors is a common dental condition that may be treated with implants.

Alternate term: Palatal surface (maxilla)
Definition: The surface of any tooth nearest the tongue; pertaining to the tongue.
Usage: Supragingival calculus accumulates most easily on the lingual surfaces of teeth.