Lesson 1: Characteristics of Periodontitis

Image: Characteristics of periodontitis.

Dr. Lee to Martin: "Please open wide so we can take a closer look at this loose tooth and the surrounding gum tissue."

Probing reveals that Martin’s gingival sulci are > 4 mm, compared to his average baseline measurements of 2 mm, indicating periodontal pocketing (periodontal pocket). There is also bleeding, attachment loss, alveolar bone loss, and halitosis.

Dr. Lee to Martin: "You have some supporting bone loss, which is causing the loose tooth. Your gums are receding, and your gum pockets are deeper than normal. The gingivitis that we saw at your last visit has become a more serious form of gum disease called "periodontitis"."

Periodontitis, or periodontal disease, is a form of irreversible gingival disease that affects the tissues and structures surrounding and supporting the teeth, and it requires professional treatment.

Image: Probing showing periodontal pocketing.